FIFA Women's World Cup 2011
in Germany

YL amateur radio activities 1st June - 31st July
District Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


                   QSL-Info DLØYLV  -  S-DOK: YLWMV

All QSOs will be confirmed automatically twice.

EQSLs will be uploaded after receipt of the operator's log to,
and to DCL (DARC Contest Logbook).

Traditional QSLs will be print out after the activities and send in August, 2011 via bureau.
Wishes for direct cards will be fulfilled.

Paper cards for DLØYLV are not necessary,
nevertheless, eQSLs for DLØYLV are expressly welcome.

Questions and informations please to or to the co-ordinator
DL3KWR - Rosel Zenker Kotkaring 1 17493 Greifswald Germany

Paper QSL
QSL cards to bureau at 26. and 29.08. 2011
All QSO datas are uploaded
paper QSL, back side
EQSL Authenricity certificate

  top: Certificate for special DOK YLWMV

  right top: electron. DX-Award for 50 countries
  right down:electron.Prefix Award for 300 prefixes

aktualisiert: 13.12.2013